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Annual Exhibition Competition 2019

The Annual Exhibition Competition takes place each year in the spring, and covers Prints and Projected Digital Images (PDI’s).

The competition is structured as follows.

Two groups, one of PRINT Competition, the other PDI Competition.

This year the judge for the PRINT competition was Christine Widdall and Colin Douglas was the judge for the PDI competition.


Each of these groups is then sub-divided into levels of member ability, which are Advanced and Beginner.

Within each of these two ability levels, three sections or categories are judged seperately and are as follows:-

  • Colour images
  • Monochrome images
  • Nature Images (N.B. in this section, images may be in Colour or Monochrome)

Awards in each of the two ability levels/three categories are given as follows:-

  1. The outright wining image
  2. Very Highly Commended Images (if appropriate)
  3. Highly Commended Images (if appropriate)
  4. Commended Images (if appropriate) 

N.B. There will only be competiton entries for Advanced ability where either all Beginner members have been previously promoted to Advanced ability, or Beginner ability members have not entered any images.

For the 2019 competition, there are no Beginner entries.

PRINTS and PDI’s will be available at the Rochdale Photographic Society’s Annual Exhibition, held in late summer. 

Periodically check the “Society Activities” menu for a posting of the Annual Exhibition date details, venue and opening hours.